Fred the Swede was a recurring character in Taskmaster, who appeared in the first 5 series of the show.

Appearances Edit

Fred's first appearance was in Series 1 of Taskmaster, where he was the Swedish person in question in the task 'Make a Swedish person blush'. The task was won by Roisin Conaty.

Fred returned for Series 2 as the subject of the task 'Get information from a Swedish person, who may not communicate in English'. The task was won by Katherine Ryan.

Fred appeared in Series 3 along with four other Swedish people, in a Live task 'Balance as many swedes on a Swede as possible', which was won by Al Murray.

Fred appeared via webcam on Series 4, in a task which required the contestants to maintain small talk with him whilst putting on scuba diving equipment. The task was won by Lolly Adefope.

Whilst Fred did not appear in person in Series 5, his face was featured in the tiebreaker task 'Backthrow a picture of a Swede into a bin', which Mark Watson won over Aisling Bea.

Background Edit

Fred the Swede is a musician who played with Alex Horne in his band, The Horne Section. He was later called up to do a few appearances in Horne's new show, Taskmaster, but he had gone back to Sweden in 2017, where he is supposedly in his own band, so he may not be coming back to the show physically. His father is a painter/decorator, which he took up along with his music.

Personal Interests Edit

Of course, music is Fred's passion. His favorite foods are hamburgers, boiled potatoes, cream sauce, fried onions, and lingonberries. He is rather "amiable" with Doc Brown, which is short-lived in the task, 'Get information from a Swedish person, who may not communicate in English'. Fred is afraid of failure.

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