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Joe Wilkinson is a British comedian, actor and writer. He has appeared regularly on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, first as Rachel Riley's assistant and then as a contestant and guest team captain. He works with Diane Morgan, under the comedy duo name "Two Episodes of Mash".

In 2016, Wilkinson appeared in series 2 of Taskmaster, finishing last with 69 points.

Performance Edit

Task Description Joe Wilkinson
Episode 1: Fear of Failure (21 June 2016)
1 Prize: Most important document. 5
2 Place three exercise balls on a yoga mat, on top of a hill. 2
3 Throw a potato into a golf hole, without touching the red green. DQ
4 Get information from a Swedish person, who may not communicate in English. 1
5 Live: Pack for a holiday. 0
Total 8
Episode 2: Pork is a Sausage (28 June 2016)
1 Prize: Trendiest item of clothing. 2
2 Eat an egg the fastest. 2
3 Create a video for a nursery rhyme. 2
4 Take a photo of an inanimate object that looks like you. 2
5 Order a pizza without using specific words. 4
Bonus: Make the person on the other end of the line say 'bubbles'. 1
6 Live: Put potatoes into a basket using extra large 'chopsticks'. 0
Total 13
Episode 3: A Pistachio Éclair (5 July 2016)
1 Prize: Best dinner party guest. 5
2 Impress the mayor of Chesham. 3
3 Make an unexpected silhouette. 3
4 Buy a gift for the Taskmaster with £20. 2
5 Team: Retrieve a potato between various teammates who between them cannot see, hear or speak. 0
6 Live: Throw toy rabbits into a top hat. 12
Total 25
Episode 4: Welcome to Rico Face (12 July 2016)
1 Prize: Coolest blue item. 4
2 Rescue a toy cat. 3
3 Conceal a pineapple on your person. 1
4 Set your own task, to be completed by Jon; who wins points for correctly identifying which comedian set which task. 0
5 Team: Construct something for the Taskmaster using flat pack furniture. 4
6 Live: Build the tallest freestanding tower using potato-based products. 0
Total 12
Episode 5: There's Strength in Arches (19 July 2016)
1 Prize: Best piece of memorabilia. 1
2 Place supplied items into a shopping trolley on the other side of a stream. 5
3 Team: Create a stop motion film starring a potato. 2
4 Build the highest freestanding bridge to support a potato, using only the supplied items. 3
5 Live: Put on food handling gloves, eat a banana correctly, put on a tie and clap as many times as possible. 0
Total 11
Grand Total 69

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